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The Value of Museums

by Guest Blogger Jan McKay Exhibit Envoy Board Member As long as I have been in the field (more than 20 years now) there has been an issue with how communities value their museums.  Many museums have embraced the blockbuster exhibit model because these exhibits translate to high earned income and attendance.  These exhibits also … Continue reading

25 wonder making weeks to celebrate 25 years

How do you celebrate a statewide anniversary with more than 125 exhibition host venues, dozens of partners, and more than a million visitors!? You take it online, of course. This year marks Exhibit Envoy’s 25th Anniversary. Yes, we have had a couple of different names, but the essence has stayed the same – to offer … Continue reading

refreshing ephemera

Calls to action, records of events, protests, memories, rebukes, celebrations… The works in two of our current traveling exhibits are all of these things and more. Serigrafía is a collection of silkscreen prints that represent the best in visual communication and artistry from California’s Latino/a printmaking community. These prints instantly convey powerful messages with bold … Continue reading

Jumping out of a crate!

Recently I was explaining to people who do not work in the museum field what we do at Exhibit Envoy. It is always hard to explain. I have to start at the beginning and explain what a traveling exhibit is just to start the conversation. They think “King Tut” and “Titanic” and I have to … Continue reading