Posted in August 2013

Hobos to Street People exhibit retires

A hugely successful and socially conscious traveling exhibit . . . Hobos to Street People: Artists’ Responses to Homelessness from the New Deal to the Present enjoyed much success and traveled from 2009 to 2012.  The exhibition featured mixed media art from both New Deal-era and contemporary artists, examining past and present attitudes and policies towards homelessness. … Continue reading

Creating the Safety Net

Did you know Exhibit Envoy offers exhibit tour management services? One of our latest projects is working with the Sisters of the Holy Family to travel an exhibit they developed that looks at the impact Catholic Sisters have had in California.  It is a fascinating history and a very real current mission for these Women … Continue reading

Alice Piper’s legacy

From the road… Elaine Elinson, Author & Curator Alice Piper, a 15-year-old Paiute Indian girl, knocked on the door of the recently built Big Pine Grammar and High School seeking to register for classes.  She and six of her Indian friends were refused admission – denied enrollment because they were Indian.   So they headed to the … Continue reading