25 wonder making weeks to celebrate 25 years


How do you celebrate a statewide anniversary with more than 125 exhibition host venues, dozens of partners, and more than a million visitors!?

You take it online, of course.

This year marks Exhibit Envoy’s 25th Anniversary. Yes, we have had a couple of different names, but the essence has stayed the same – to offer amazing traveling exhibitions for smaller spaces at smaller prices. So, for the next 25 weeks we will be in celebration mode and invite you to join us.

What to expect?

Starting this week we will be doing something special on a weekly basis to commemorate, reminisce, honor, ponder, and engage.  Every few weeks we will send out an email that will feature what is coming up. But the main places to get the news will be on our blog and on Facebook so FOLLOW and LIKE us if you have not already.

 The celebration will include

  • Blogposts & podcasts
  • Original art for auction
  • Themed items for sale
  • Trivia contests with free prizes
  • Sneak peaks at new exhibits

What can you do?

  • Join our social media: Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube
  • Sign up for our enewsletter
  • Encourage others! As we all know, word of mouth is our best way to spread the word, so please invite your staff, board members, colleagues, visitors, friends, and families to join us.
  • Join the conversation! We invite you to share your memories of past exhibits, post photos, and tell us what you want in the next 25 years.

So if you have been with us for 25 years (you know who you are!) or are newer Envoys, we thank you for taking this journey!


We'd love to hear more from you

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