Jumping out of a crate!

Recently I was explaining to people who do not work in the museum field what we do at Exhibit Envoy. It is always hard to explain. I have to start at the beginning and explain what a traveling exhibit is just to start the conversation. They think “King Tut” and “Titanic” and I have to put some perspective on it. We do small – high quality, but small. I realized as I was talking how timid I was being. I thought about how Exhibit Envoy is always behind the scenes – basically in a crate! We need to jump out of that crate and show off a bit. And when I say show off I mean WE – all the amazing colleagues who have worked with us for 25 years. So this blog is a way to let all of us jump out of the crate and talk about what we do best – bring wonderful exhibits to small museums throughout California. Join us in the fun!

Adrienne McGraw

Executive Director